Preparing for Our Children's Future

We face some very daunting challenges because of the way we have consumed and wasted energy. Our children may have to deal with the worst of it. We shouldn't simply worry about the future we're leaving them, though. We must prepare them for it.

And ZiptoGreen believes we should go one step further. Our children must be given the knowledge to lead us past today's challenges and the skills to help sustain our way of life.

Zip-Ed is our PLAN for the future. We CONNECT educators to curriculum resources about the environment and energy. In doing so, both teachers and students can LEARN about issues and solutions to SAVE our earth. Zip-Ed also highlights the leadership activities of students, teachers, leaders and educational institutions ... both in gratitude of their efforts and to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

Explore the curriculum links here. PLAN for tomorrow. CONNECT to other information on ZiptoGreen to LEARN more. You can help SAVE our earth.